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Workers Compensation Law Firm in Ridgefield, New Jersey

Wind and McCarter is a workers compensation law firm in Ridgefield, New Jersey, providing legal representation for the no fault process of proving you were injured while on the job. We are also experts in dealing with social security issues, welfare matters, and all other federal and state agencies involved in workman's comp law.   

Long-Standing Representation
After Kenneth Wind retired in 2007, our owners, with more than 7 decades of combined experience, took over the practice in the same location the firm has been for over 25 years. We have a tremendously competent staff that is able to serve you even when our lawyers are in court lidigitating for client's rights.

Both lead lawyers are members of the INNS of COURT, which is continuing education specifically for workers compensation law. New Jersey is the only state that has an INNS of Court exclusively for this field of law. In addition, one lawyer has served for 2 decades on the New Jersey State Bar Association workers compensation executive committee.  

Legal Fees
The state of New Jersey does not allow charges for a consultation or services. The fees are included at the end of your case with no more than 20% of the total cash awarded.

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