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Legal Representation for Workers Compensation in Ridgefield, New Jersey

When you are injured on the job and seeking financial reimbursement, turn to the lawyers at Wind and McCarter in Ridgefield, New Jersey, who specialize in representing injured workers for workers compensation benefits. We represent many public employees as well as other injured employees.
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Compensation Benefits
Workers compensation in New Jersey provides 4 benefits for the worker. First, your employer covers all medical treatment for injury occurring during the course of employment and has the right to select the medical provider for treatment. Secondly, you receive 70% of your gross wages per week up to a statutory weekly maximum, which is nontaxable. No matter how long it takes to resolve the claim the rates will not change. You will continue to get benefits until you are released to return to work.

Thirdly, when you have permanent residuals once all treatment is completed, you may be entitled to permanent partial disability. For example, after breaking your back and returning to work, your back may give continue to give you problems. You may then qualify for a percentage disability award that will give you a set sum of money for a set period of time. This does not mean you will receive money the rest of your life, but the permanent injury does entitle you to a cash reward. If you are deemed totally and permanently disabled, you may be entitled to benefits for the rest of your life.

Lastly, you have the option to reopen your case for 2 years from your last benefit in the event your condition worsens, you require additional treatment, or become unable to work again. A doctor must state you are unable to work or need medical treatment.

Additional Services
For our clients, we also evaluate third party claims and refer you to qualified, experienced attorneys who can handle that particular legal issue. We work with that attorney to coordinate any problems that may develop. Our law firm deals with all insurance companies and 3rd party administrators, as well. We can also refer you to qualified, experienced attorneys who can assist you with Social Security and other disability claims.

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